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10 Segment LED Bar Graph

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Make a small 10 Segment LED Bar Graph linear display with a glowing red color using this elegant LED bargraph. Only 1" long, it is quite visible but not so large it wont plug into a breadboard! 10 LEDs are contained in the plastic body.

Glue Gun mini

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Shop the range of heated glue guns and hot melt glue sticks at Hobbycraft!This glue gun is a perfect alternative to messy glue bottles and tubes around the home.

Dot matrix (Bi-colour) Big

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So first we need to include the MaxMatrix.h library, define the pins to which the module is connected, set how many modules we use and define the MaxMatrix object. Sigmatechbd,Bangladesh

LCD Display 16X2 with Header

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Command Register: The command register stores the command instructions given to the LCD. A command is an instruction given to LCD to do a predefined task like initializing it, clearing its screen, setting the cursor position, controlling display etc. Processing for commands happens in the command register.

Ultrasonic Sensor – HC-SR04

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The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor uses sonar to determine distance to an object like bats do. It offers excellent non-contact range detection with high accuracy and stable readings in an easy-to-use package Name : Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04  

LDR 5mm

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You’re asking what is LDR? It stands for Light Dependent Resistor or Photoresistor, which is a passive electronic component, basically a resistor which has a resistance that varies depending of the light intensity.