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5Minutes School Kit price Bangladesh

5Minutes School Kit brings five interesting projects. Through which you can easily learn how to create projects. Let’s see what the project is in this kit.

That’s what this kit has:

1.  Arduino UNO – 1pcs

2.Seven segment Display – 3pcs

3.Resistor 220Ohm – 20pcs

4.Jumper Wire Male to male +Male to female –2set

5.Bluetooth Module HC05 -1pcs

6.Servo Motor -1pcs

7.Power Supply Adapter 5V – 1pcs

8.Breadboard – 1pcs

9.Max 7219 IC Board -1pcs

10.8*8 Dot matrix Display -1pcs

11.Smoke Sensor -1pcs

12.Gas Sensor -1pcs

13.Buzzer -1pcs

14.Red LED 5mm -10pcs

15.Green LED 5mm- 10pcs

16.Ultrasonic Sensor – 1pcs

17.Glue Gun -1pcs

18.Glue Stick -5pcs

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